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2013 Election: Vote Wisely

The 7-Election, a survey conducted by 7-11 Philippines, released its final list of senatorial candidates chosen by the buyers, perhaps most of which are members of the working class. Amazingly, most of my chosen candidates are here. 


Vote not according to popularity—what SWS or Pulse (sometimes False) Asia showed on television or aired on the radio since we know that most of these surveys were paid. Vote not according to name and/or surname (especially to avoid political dynasties). Do not re-elect candidates who did nothing significant for this country because there is a big possibility that they will repeat what they have done (or not done). Do not vote for candidates who cannot manage their own families because how else can they manage a country made up of thousands of families? Do not vote for candidates who have not exhibited leadership in any way and who lacks knowledge on national laws and local regulations. Vote for candidates who laid down a solid platform and gave concrete action plans. It’s easy for a candidate to say “I will put food on the table or I will provide jobs” but think further and ask yourself, “how will they be able to actually do that?” Do not sell your vote because that will already be your payment for the years that that candidate will sit and extract money from the (your / our) public funds. 

Today, do not just exercise your right to vote. EXERCISE YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE WISELY

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